By staying at the campsite, you admit you have read and accepted the following rules.

The campsite is open during the summer season from 1.05 to 30.09.

1. Registration and fees

The reception is open 7 days a week from 9.00 to 18.00, unless otherwise is stated at the reception.

Please, register immediately upon arrival at the reception.

Camping fees are paid upon arrival.

The receipt and the identification number authorize your stay at the campsite. Please, keep them by you during the period of your stay, in case of checks.

2. Check-in and check-out

You can check in from 14.00 on the first day of your stay, and check out until 11.00 on the departure day.

We kindly insist on your checking out by that time.

The guest should report the wish to extend stay beyond period indicated on the arrivalat the front desk to 11:00 am. Camping Europa Olza will take into account the guestwish to extend the stay as much as possible. No information after 11:00 am isconsidered as an extension of stay. When the guest leaves the Camping Europa Olzaafter 11:00 am will be charged for half day stay.

3. The campsite’s main gates

From 23:00 to 7:00 the main gates of the campsite are closed. Drive-ins and drive-outs in these hours are possible only after contacting the night watchman. A phone number of the night watchman can be found at the reception, as well as on the main gates.

4. Quiet hours and peace disturbance

No loud music is allowed at the campsite at any time so as not to disturb other guests of the campsite. Quiet hours are from 23:00 to 6:00, except for the days when outdoor events are held at the campsite.

5. Visitors

Visitors are allowed at the campsite only if approved in advance by an administrator. Upon arrival, all visitors must immediately register at the reception, pay the appropriate fees and adhere to the following regulations.

Unregistered visitors are allowed at the campsite only from 9:00 to 18:00.

You may not admit visitors via your private pass card.

6. Pets

Pets are allowed at the campsite under the following conditions:

 - Pets must be kept on a leash or carried at all times when outside.

 - Owners are required to remove and dispose of the pet’s waste.

 - All pets must have current vaccination records.

Pets are not allowed in the swimming area, food courts, toilets and bathrooms.

Pets are not allowed to stay in the cottages.

7. Interference with nature

It is forbidden to cut branches wilfully, dig pits, mark sites, hang cords or aerials, to construct platforms or canopies or any other construction.

8. Cleanliness at the campsite

Guests and their visitors are required to maintain cleanness at the campsite. All trash must be placed in the trash bins or containers at all times. No littering is allowed, especially at the fishing grounds, beaches and shores of the lakes, as it leads to the pollution of the basin.

Due to the fire safety measures, no electric irons or similar devices - other than the ones provided -are allowed to be used indoors at the campsite.

Guests and their visitors are obligated to comply with the sanitary-epidemiological and fire-safety regulations.

Guests and their visitors, who use the Macarenaswimming area are obligated to comply with its rules and  regulations.

9. Campfire and barbeque

To reduce the risk of fire outbreaks, campfires are allowed only in places specially designed for that purpose. Travel grills are allowed outdoors only. Please, do not use travel grills on the terraces of the cottages because of the risk of fire and contamination of the terraces. All ashes and charcoal shall be placed only in fireplaces and containers specially designed for that purpose.

10. Vehicular traffic

One parking space is provided for each cottage / trailer. Other vehicles shall be left in the parking area. Please, drive through the campsite with extreme caution. Camp speed limit is 5 km/h. Also please, limit vehicular traffic through the camping area to ensure the safety for other guests and families with children. The parking lots at the campsite are not guarded.

11. Commercial activity

Any commercial activity at the campsite without the owner’s permission is prohibited. Selling any articles, commodities and services, including trailer and camper rentals used for the commercial benefit are strictly prohibited. Violators will be asked to leave the campsite immediately.

12. Responsibility for children

Children shall be under the supervision of their parents or persons responsible for them at any time. Children shall play and the campsite’s playground or use the campsite’s services in the presence of their parents or persons responsible for them. The campsite is not responsible for any kind of accidents or injuries.

13. Liability for damages

Guests are financially responsible for any loss of or damage to the cottages, furniture and any equipment of the campsite caused by them or their visitors.

The reception shall be informed about any damage or loss immediately after it is discovered.

14. Responsibility for belongings left unattended

The campsite is not responsible for any kind of theft, damage or loss of the guests’ and their visitors’ belongings at the campsite, including car, trailer or tent theft and vandalism.

15. Entry refused to the campsite

The campsite attendants reserve the right to refuse entry to the campsite, as well as to remove from the campsite persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs, who behave inappropriately and do not comply with the following rules.  

The campsite reserves the right to refuse entry or registration to guests who have violated the following rules, caused damage to the campsite’s and its guests’ property or in any other way disturbed peace at the campsite during their last stay.

16. Violation of the rules

Violation of the following rules and common norms of tourist behavior are subjected to the receptionist’s judgment and may result in the violators being asked to leave without refund.

17. Responsibilities before departure

- to check out from the cottage or the campsite by the check-out time ( Art. 2), in the opening hours of the reception

- to return the keys to the cottage / the camp card / the identification number and the pass card

- to leave the cottage and its surroundings or the camping spot even cleaner than you found it

                                                                  Director of Camping EUROPE

                                                                           Bogusław Krótki